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EPIC Dynamik
Cabin Trunk

899 kr

Availabillity: In Stock

Product code: ETY601/02-01

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H55 W40 D20 cm | 40 L | 2.5 Kg

Dynamik is the latest development by EPIC for functional bags and backpacks. The range is oozing of great functions and the sleek design adds a great touch to your style.
Dynamik is a great way to pack and transport your gear, and there’s a bag for all occasions.
This range consists of fantastic, lightweight wheeled trunks, convertible bags and great backpacks. EPIC Dynamik will likely impress you with its agility. Many styles have the popular roll-top, a great way to expand the bag for that extra gear that you sometimes pick up along the way.
EPIC Dynamik is great gear for function freaks, all materials, buckles, webbings etc. is chosen and designed with the user in mind to get that hassle-free experience and to give that well-dressed look. And we can promise that there is a bag for everyone in this range, it doesn’t matter if you travel the world, commute to work or go to the gym, we are sure you will find your style.
• Lightweight and durable construction.
• Reinforced polyester main material to achieve maximum strength and minimum weight.
• Reinforcement straps with fix−lock closure system add security and allow extra packing possibilities on the outside of the case.
• Trolleys: Split packing system enables better organization, overview and balance. Extra carrying handle on the bottom for more flexible lifting, loading, and stowing.

H32 W61 D32 cm | 60 L | 0.9 Kg
H28 W39 D12 cm | 13 L | 0.5 Kg
H55 W40 D20 cm | 40 L | 2.5 Kg
H65 W40 D25 cm | 65 L | 3 Kg
H80 W41 D30 cm | 100 L | 3.4 Kg
H16 W36 D10 cm | 2,5 L | 0.2 Kg
H54 W35 D20 cm | 35 L | 2.2 Kg
H55 W27 D27 cm | 35 L | 0.9 Kg
H30 W50 D15 cm | 18 L | 0.9 Kg