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We are Epic

In all EPIC stories, the hero, usually protected by or even descended from gods, performs superhuman exploits in battle or in marvellous voyages. For us, EPIC is really a metaphor for life itself and the great adventure it represents for us as human beings. Our travels, whether in work or play, are a fantastic way for us to experience the world and the people around us. Just think about what you experienced on your last trip, and what you may hope to experience on your next travel adventure!

EPIC Travelgear

With this as our guiding star, our EPIC journey started 2004 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

All of our suitcases, bags and accessories are created with focus on great design and innovative thinking. We always use the best raw materials available on the market and apply the latest techniques to make sure our products live up to the user’s expectations. We believe that producing long-lasting products is a choice that will help us to preserve and be able to enjoy our environment on a long-term basis.

We always begin at the drawing board with a problem that we would like to solve or a feature we’d like to improve. After lively discussions and rough sketches we go on to our great computer based tools that allow us to turn these ideas into reality by visualising, manipulating, testing and adjusting prototypes before we finally go into production. This allows us to refine and fine-tune our original designs to create a truly epic end product. Some may say it’s a lot of work for a suitcase; we’d say its essential. We do it all with a Scandinavian twist on design and functionality, and a quality made to withstand the harsh conditions of the far north.

At EPIC, we have long been conscious often environmental and social consequences of our business activities. As a global brand, we fully embrace our global responsibility. Our company mandates that all product decisions be made not only on the basis of price and quality, but also with regard to whether products can be produced in manner which has minimal impact upon the environment, with fair compensation and working conditions provided to all involved in the production process. If the result is that our products end up being a few dollars more than some of our competitors, we trust that conscientious consumers will consider it well worthwhile.

All our factories are contractually obligated at all times to follow EPIC:s strict standards such as the below to name a few.

• Use only those materials and product components that meet modern environmental protection requirements.

• Full compliance with our strict guidelines for recycling and waste management.

• Demonstrate a firm commitment to human rights and fair wages for all workers, according to principles of the BSCI.

All of these obligations are strictly enforced by unannounced auditing visits to our production facilities.

Furthermore, we design our cases to remain “in service” for many years, long after products of lesser quality have failed and been delegated to landfill. The fundamental quality and durability of our products is perhaps our signature contribution to sustainability.

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