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EPIC Discovery Neo

999 kr

Lagerstatus: I lager

Artikelnummer: ET501/06-01

H31 W41 D16 cm | 18 L | 1 Kg
• 5 års garanti från inköpsdatum • Garantin gäller produktionsfel på material och delar. • Om väskan som har gått sönder inte längre tillverkas ersätter vi dig med en ny likvärdig produkt. • Garantin gäller inte normalt slitage på produkten och dess komponenter. • Reklamera din väska på inköpsstället eller hos närmaste EPIC försäljare.

The all new EPIC Discovery NEO is a redesigned and updated
version of our most popular soft side. Discovery NEO is equipped
with all the latest technologies that you can expect from a modern
soft side case. We still use our well tested airFRAME chassis which
makes Discovery NEO very stable and strong at this low weight.
Another great feature is our new 4X wheel system, the recessed and
offset design gives extra stability and give you up 10% more packing
space. All this packed in a modern and sleek designed case.

AIRSPEED® components

Airspeed-komponenter är konstruerade och tillverkade med ergonomi, låg vikt, hög prestanda och hållbarhet som högsta prioriteringar. Du kan förvänta dig komfort, bra prestanda och en lång livslängd. Alla Airspeed-komponenter bytas ut om de blir skadade eller om du sliter ut dem. Det blir inte mycket bättre än Airspeed!

soft shell 600D

The outer material uses a durable and water-resistant 600D Polyester fabric.

Products with this warranty are covered by the EPIC® LIMITED Warranty for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to repair or replace any product that constitutes a valid warranty claim at our sole discretion. In the event that your particular case is no longer available, we reserve the right to replace the product with a new product with comparable value and characteristics.This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the product and/or it’s components, cosmetic wear or cleaning, nor does it cover the replacement of lost accessories, lost or stolen bags and/or bag contents. This warranty does not cover damages due to third party handling. All warranty claims should kindly be presented at the place of purchase or the nearest authorized EPIC® dealer, accompanied by proof and date of purchase. If you do not have an EPIC® dealer in your area, please contact us at for assistance. This warranty does not infringe on your statutory consumer rights.