EPIC Phantom BIO

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• 7 års garanti från inköpsdatum • Skalgaranti, kunden erhåller ny resväska om skalet går sönder. Garantin gäller även flygplanshantering. • Garantin gäller i hela världen. • Om väskan som har gått sönder inte längre tillverkas ersätter vi dig med en ny likvärdig produkt. • Garantin gäller inte normalt slitage på produkten och dess komponenter. • Reklamera din väska på inköpsstället eller hos närmaste EPIC försäljare.


EPIC PhantomBIO - More sustainable, stronger, and lighter through the use of Trifilon BioLite material and VTT injection moulding technology.

We are proud to introduce a beautifully new shell material for luggage on its exclusive Phantom platform. Phantom, as a unibody VTT design, is literally oozing with that something special that has changed the way we see things. You can truly feel with Phantom that it’s something extraordinary, and this special new BIO-version is what we feel is the best Phantom we’ve ever made. The new PhantomBIO is borne of EPIC’s ongoing mission to create and produce products that are more sustainable in many ways, including environmentally. This beautiful new material that we are so happy to introduce in this context is called BioLITE. The Swedish materials innovation company, Trifilon, manufactures BioLITE material in Sweden. Trifilon is a crazily dedicated group of engineers and production specialists that share the values of EPIC, and have a burning love of creating materials which are performance superior and make less impact on our environment. The BioLITE material used on PhantomBIO is industrial hemp enriched. The resulting composite is both lighter and stronger than traditional polypropylene due to the hemp fiber’s ability to reduce density while engaging the polymers on a molecular level. Further, the unique Re:FRESH lining structure that PhantomBIO is equipped with is removable, washable at 40° (and can be then be frozen to eliminate any risk of critters after your trip to destinations where critters may prevail), and is produced with a 55% organic cotton / 45% hemp organic textile. EPIC PhantomBIO is also equipped with EPIC’s true and strong 7 year Full Armor Warranty that even covers third party (read airline!) damage to the shell during the warranty period.

• Outer shell material: Trifilon Biolite natural fiber reinforced polypropylene manufactured in Sweden, and used by EPIC for its ability to produce stronger, lighter products while integrating renewable, biodegradable ingredients into the production process thereby replacing non-renewable materials. The Trifilon Biolite material is manufactured in Sweden.

• Outer shell technique: EPIC VTT. This is EPIC:s concept of unibody polypropylene.

• Airspeed DualTrak wheel system with Epic standard fitting for low weight, but super maneuverability and ease of transport.

• Outer Zipper: Highly water-resistant through its rubberized surface, and of the highest standard for smoothness in operation and durability. Cabin Size Washable Linen Components TSA Lock 7 Y 7 EAR EPIC® FULL ARMOR™ WARRANTY DualTRAK Water resistant zipper Epic standard 40 41 EPICTRAVELGEAR.COM T

H76 W52 D30 cm | 95 L | 4 Kg
H66 W45 D25 cm | 67 L | 3.2 Kg
H55 W40 D20 cm | 37 L | 2.3 Kg

Products with this warranty are covered by the EPIC® FULL ARMOR™ Warranty for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. If the shell of your case should break for any reason, even due to third party (such as airlines) handling, we will replace the case at no charge, anywhere in the world. Further, if any part or component of the case should break or fail for any reason, we will replace or repair all such parts at no charge under this warranty. We reserve the right to repair or replace any product that constitutes a valid warranty claim at our sole discretion. In the event that your particular case is no longer available, we reserve the right to replace the product with a new product with comparable value and characteristics.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the product and/or it’s components, cosmetic wear or cleaning, nor does it cover the replacement of lost accessories, lost or stolen bags and/or bag contents. All warranty claims should kindly be presented at the place of purchase or the nearest authorized EPIC® dealer, accompanied by proof and date of purchase. If you do not have an EPIC® dealer in your area, please contact us at info@epictravelgear.com for assistance. This warranty does not infringe on your statutory consumer rights.